Health fair to feature plenty of information

Get to know how to spot health issues

You rarely know exactly what is wrong with your fitness and well-being. So why not come in to check on it? A health fair is a public health intervention.

“The Giant Health Fair is a community health fair that will educate the people of Wayne Township regarding community resources, organizations and lifestyle skills,” physical education teacher Marci Royalty said. “This will help to improve their general health and wellness. The health fair will focus on participants such as students, parents, families, businesses, and staff of MSD of Wayne Township.”

There are currently no companies sponsoring the event this year but both Jessica Hobbs and Royalty, the ones hosting the event, are hoping for a few sponsors in the upcoming years.

If you come to the health fair, you will receive the benefits of knowing how to live a healthy lifestyle. There will be many different vendors from Wayne Township and Marion County here to inform the community on the variety of resources available to them locally.

The Giant Health Fair will be held November 11 from 6-8 p.m. in the MPA at Ben Davis.