Senior stress

College apps, SATs, tests, work – it never ends!

Since August 1, senior students have been rushing to send in their applications for colleges all around the state, the country and even the globe.

The application process seems to be a never ending journey of sending in transcripts, hunting for scholarship essays, setting up SAT and ACT test dates to improve your scores and answering questions about your past and plans for the future.

Applying to colleges alone definitely keeps seniors busy throughout the first few months of their final high school year.  For some seniors, it’s been difficult keeping up with school work and college applications.

“There has been scholarship essays, psychology, presentations, chair tests, calculus work and ACP English essays,” senior Megan Thomas said, “It has been a little bit more difficult this year.”

“I’ve been stressed by college applications, calculus and especially deadlines,” senior Haley Sumner said, “But I made sure to apply on weekends and during the beginning of the school year when I had little school work, so I can focus on my school work now.”

On top of that, many students juggle extracurricular activities such as sports or after-school clubs to juggle as well.

“I’m involved in Symphony Orchestra,” Thomas said, “It definitely adds to my workload, but in a positive way. It adds extra motivation and encourages me to succeed.”

When the acceptance letters start coming in, seniors believe that all their hard work has paid off, not only from the past few months but their entire high school career as well.

“I have gotten acceptance letters from five in-state colleges,” Thomas said.

“I’ve been accepted to Ball State and UIndy,” Sumner said, “And yes, I do believe that all my hard work is paying off from these.”

It’s often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re spending your nights stressed out, but Thomas and Sumner have discovered their different to relieve and deal with their stress.

“I try to take breaks often and remember to take it one day at a time but plan ahead too,” Thomas said.

“Usually I listen to soft music, and sometimes I talk to my parents and friends about it,” Sumner said.

Although stress is pretty much unavoidable, there a some ways to keep it from taking over your life. Sumner offered some advice for the upcoming seniors to prevent this.

“Try to get your applications done as soon as possible and not a week before because there’s a lot to it,” Sumner said, “Make sure to have scores for SAT and ACT before you apply for colleges to look at. Still work your hardest during senior year because I believe it’s the most important. Don’t give up after the first semester because you still have one more to go.”

Keeping up with college applications and school work during your senior year may seem daunting and prove to be stressful, but it’s definitely worth the chance to brighten your future from continuing your education.