Striving to help those in need

Gaha gets recognized as March YMAD winner


Learning center teacher Adam Gaha works with sophomore Patience Gentry. Gaha was honored as the March You Make a Difference winner.

The March You Make a Difference award winner is our learning center director Adam Gaha. In the beginning, Gaha was not setting out to win any award, just to make a difference and a positive impact on our society.

“I found myself in the back of my mind asking if I’m truly living up to my full potential,” Gaha said.

Gaha’s job is helping Ben Davis students tidy their high school transcripts for graduation. He helps students who may have fallen behind for whatever reason and he helps them pick themselves back up onto their feet.

He gives what he calls “tough love” which can come as a reality check for young adults.

“I tell them, look this is what you need to do and this is what needs to be done,” Gaha said.

Gaha is trying to prepare this generation for the real world and real would problems they may face.

Students have to realize that even with help from others “you have to pick up your mat and put forth effort to help yourself,”  Gaha said.

Gaha is a well-educated, licensed attorney as well. What sets him apart from others is that he realizes he cannot change the world by just complaining about the things he does not like about it.

When he was younger, Gaha’s family owned a Dairy Queen. He found himself getting frustrated when employees wouldn’t understand what he was asking of them. From there he came to the realization that he has the ability and talent to teach those young minds and help prepare them for their future.

For this reason he decided to take his talents where he can help boost the knowledge that students graduate with from high school. This is something that will make an impact on all of our lives.

Gaha has made sure to do his part in helping our community.

“It is important to use your talents and strengths as a person not only to benefit yourself, but to benefit our society as well,”  Gaha said.

All you can do is do your job to the best of your ability and hope someone is positively impacted in the process.