This month is third heaviest January snow in Indianapolis history

If weather forecasters are accurate, this January could become the second snowiest January ever.

Currently, the month has seen 23.3 inches of snow, making it the third snowiest January ever. Forecasts for the week are predicting a 30 percent change of snow on Thursday and a 40 percent chance of snow on Friday. The three snowiest Januarys are:

1978 — 30.6 inches
1996 — 25.2 inches
2014 — 23.3 inches

We would need two more inches of snow by the end of the week to become the second heaviest January snow ever.

Forecasts continue to call for extreme frigid temperatures until Thursday. An artic blast is sweeping two-thirds of the country and forecasters are predicting temperatures as low as -17 in some parts of Indiana. The record low temperature in Indianapolis is -27 degrees recorded on January 19, 1994.