A bright and magical night

Demi Lovato preforms the final “Neon Lights” show in Indianapolis

On Sunday March 30, 2014 Lovato came to Indianapolis to share her music with thousands of Lovatics (Demi Lovato fans) at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse. Lovato’s show consisted of music, fun, bonding, and even magic.

At seven o’clock in the afternoon the show was started by “America’s Got Talent” finalist and magician, Collins Key who hosted the show throughout the night and interacted with the audience with a couple of his own magic acts.

Collins gave away his famous motto “Noooo Way!” t-shirts amongst the audience and even invited several lucky girls on stage in front of thousands of other fans to assist him with his magic tricks. Collins gifted a VIP pass to meet Demi Lovato to one of the girls by magically replacing a dollar bill that the girl had in exchange for the back stage pass.

Following the introduction of the “Neon Lights Tour” popular pop-star group Fifth Harmony preformed several musical acts that hyped up the crowd such as with their musical hit, “Me and my girls”. Fans with VIP passes had the chance to meet and take pictures with the artists after their performance.

During one of Collins’ magic act, “What’s in the Box” in which three lucky girls from the audience were brought up on stage to plan a perfect date with Collins, Lovato in disguise surprised the audience by stage bombing Collins and the girls.

Before Demi Lovato’s highly awaited grand appearance R&B artist Cher Lloyd preformed several of her hottest singles which included “I want you back”.

Finally Lovato opened the “Neon Lights Show” with an amazing performance of “Heart Attack”. Throughout the night Lovato continued to blow away Lovatics with songs from her newest album that included: “Neon Lights”, “Really Don’t Care”, “Fire Starter”, “Nightingale”, and “Made in the USA”.

It was an emotional night for Lovato and her fans when she performed the song, “Warrior”.

“I promised myself I would just record this song to let it off my chest, but I realized that people needed to know about this epidemic that affects our country; self-harm,” Lovato said.

Lovato also preformed some of the oldest songs from her career for the fans that had followed her since the start of her musical career at fifteen years of age. A few of the songs that Lovato preformed were, “Catch me”, “Remember December”, “Let it go”, and “Skyscrapers”.

Although Lovato’s overall concert was a success some of her fans were disappointed by the absence of male artist, Nick Jonas and “The X Factor” UK’s winners, Little Mix who had toured with Lovato throughout the 2014 tour. Indy did not have to opportunity to see Lovato accompanied by Jonas preform the song “Don’t Forget”.

Lovato shined brighter than neon lights by delivering to her fans a lot more than vocal talent. Lovato made her musical talents known by playing various instruments such as the piano, drums, acoustic and electric guitar.

As the night grew longer soon Lovato closed her concert by preforming “Give your heart a break”. The audience danced together as they enjoyed their favorite artist closing song. The “Neon Lights” 2014 tour production members, Fifth Harmony, Collins Key, Demi Lovato’s younger sister, and DJ Cole Plante joined Lovato on stage to say goodbye to the audience and to enjoy the moment of the “Neon Lights” final show.