Selena Gomez comes to Indy

A better than expected experience

Hundreds of “Selenators” gathered Tuesday, November 19 to welcome celebrity pop star Selena Gomez for her 2013 Star Dance Tour. As we crossed “attend a concert” off our bucket list, my sister and I happily awaited for the grand event. Meanwhile,  moments before the concert commenced, fans (including my sister) hash tagged #StarsDance84 and appeared on the two screens for fans to view during intersessions.

The concert opened with a performance from top viewed YouTube star Christina Grimmie, followed by X Factor breakout boy band, Emblem3.

Emblem3 performed “Chloe,” “Girl Next Door” and interpreted Rihanna’s famous hit “Diamonds.” Overall, the opening performances where great and hyped up the atmosphere as we eagerly waited for Selena to come out.

Finally about 20 minutes after Emblem3 performed, Gomez appeared on stage making Banker Live Fieldhouse roar with cheering girl and boy fans.

Throughout the concert Gomez performed her newest songs from her album Stars Dance: “Come and Get It,” “Love Will Remember,” “Undercover,” “Birthday,” “Stars Dance.” She amazed the crowed by ending with “Slow Down.”

She also performed “Round and Round,” “Who Says, ” “Dream,” “Love You Like A Love Song,” “Whiplash,” “Bang Bang Bang” and “Naturally.”

In addition to her euphoric voice, what made the performances incredible was the overall show that she delivered with impressive choreography and audience interaction.

Nonetheless, Gomez’s humble and lighthearted personality was a terrific asset to the show. She interacted with her audience wonderfully – from children to teens to adults.

Inclusively, Gomez gifted the harmonica that she had used during the song “Love Will Remember” to a young girl sitting on a parent’s shoulders. While I would have loved to have been the fortunate one to have received the harmonica, I was delighted to at least have been given one of the glow sticks that Gomez and her back-up dancers used.

Besides having have had the chance to have floor seats only a few feet away from the stage, we were lucky enough to have Keaton Stromberg (Emblem3 singer) sitting literally like three feet away from us.

Any Gomez fan knows that she never leaves before congregating with her fans to take memorable photos. Minutes later Gomez posted the photographs and thanked Indianapolis fans on social media networks.

Ultimately, Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance 2013 Tour was a blast, and I am extremely glad that we had the opportunity to attend such a phenomenal event. Believe me, attending a Selena Gomez concert is definitely worth every penny.