Some ways to celebrate your Friendsgiving

Credit Friends for starting this fun tradition


Joleth Herrera, staff writer

Thanksgiving is in about a week and a half, so who is having their Friendsgiving in the upcoming days? Friendsgiving is the term used to describe a celebration of Thanksgiving with your friends. Pretty self-explanatory right?

Friendsgiving is credited back to the show ¨Friends¨ as well as a 2007 tweet. Merriam-Webster made it an official word in January 2020. Supposedly this word was on the ¨words-we´re-watching list¨

Traditionally, Friendsgiving is celebrated in a potluck-type of style celebration. On social media, you will often see a group of friends getting together and they show off what each guest made. It´s a fun experience in itself to see how people all around the world celebrate Friendsgiving. 

There is of course no right or wrong way to do Friendsgiving, as each person can put their own touch on their celebration. Here are a few activities to include in your Friendsgiving celebration in case you have one, pre or post-Thanksgiving. All are valid.


  • Build a big puzzle
  • Do a round of what you’re thankful for
  • Make a pie bar
  • Make a caramel apple bar
  • Turn the Friendsgiving dinner into a brunch instead
  • Decorate pumpkins
  • Host a movie marathon of your favorite holiday movies
  • Make an ice cream bar
  • Take polaroids
  • Make a poster board with turkey friends

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and any other holiday you celebrate. Remember to stay safe during the holiday season.