Giants seek third straight sectional crown

Brooklynn Sharp, staff writer

The way coach Jason Simmons sees things, the only thing that will prevent Ben Davis from winning the Class 6A Sectional 6 championship Friday night is Ben Davis.

“Our goals for this week’s game are to play Ben Davis Football and win a sectional championship,” Simmons says as his Giants prapare to travel to Tech Friday night. “We will need to win the line of scrimmage and put pressure on their QB. We need to keep their wide receivers in front of us and tackle well in space. We need to win the line of scrimmage on offense and run the ball effectively. We need to take care of the football in the passing game and win in space. We have to execute well and win the battle of special teams too.”

Sounds simple, but Simmons knows footbll is not a simple game.

“We know quite a bit about Tech through the game films we have exchanged with them,” Simmons said. “They are 6-4 and have played fairly well down the stretch of the regular season.

“We have prepared for Tech like we have our other opponents. We have watched their game films. We have talked to coaches that have played them and we have put game plans together that play to our strengths vs. what they want to do with the schemes. We feel good about the opportunity to represent Ben Davis HS in the sectional championship this Friday.”

The Giants have won wo straight sectionals and Simmons knows how difficult claiming a crown is.

“Winning any championship is special for our program,” he said. “Our seniors have a chance to be in a small group of classes that have one three straight sectional crowns so it’s exciting for those guys. ”

In last weekend’s game, Simmons earned his 50th win as a head coach in a 41-14 win over Southport (photos below).