Club Impact day met with mixed reviews

The new format allows time during the day for club meetings

Jennie Leeper, social media editor

Club day is every Thursday for 25 minutes during Impact period. The new format has been met with mixed emotions from students.

“It is a good way to get students involved in something,” senior Cavari Dunlap said.

Dunlap believes the new club model is beneficial for seniors who are looking for clubs to join as they begin final preparations for college and post-secondary work.

Senior Edgar Hernandez agrees.

“It’s a great way to get students to get more involved in school activities, to those who can’t stay after school or leave home,” Hernandez said. “For students with a busy schedule, it is a good way to take stress off of them.”

The club setup is divided into three sections, Clubs are divided into either A, B or C and they meet on their corresponding day. The idea is for each participating club to meet every three weeks. Only certain clubs were made available during Impact due to class size and room availability. Students were limited to signing up for two clubs and club sizes were held at 40.

While some students enjoy the setup, not all students are in favor of it.

“Clubs are ‘lowkey’ and a waste of time,” sophomore Savana Sage said. “Clubs are for after school. Impact should be for work.”

There are 32 clubs involved in Impact club days but more than 70 clubs are represented at Ben Davis. The clubs that do not meet during Impact have regular meetings held after school. Some clubs meet as both a class and a club (choir, band, publications, for example).

A complete list of all clubs can be found at

Whatever your schedule allows, clubs are available to all Ben Davis students. If interested in starting a new club, talk to assistant principal Matt Clodfelter. A staff sponsor is required for all clubs.