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Hello, I’m Brendyn Erron Waites “the first." future CEO, politician and businessman; current entrepreneur as well as Renaissance man. I’m going to give you the gratitude of meeting me now because in all reality I’m going to make it and make it big. It would help both us if we could make friends as well as be able to say when were older I knew him he’s an old friend. Let me start my bio as you can see I can talk all day. I’m a sen16r “WOO” LETS GO. I love sports, business, and a long list of others. I consider myself a person who can talk and get along with any others because of my ability to like different things and not judge everybody or even scared to express myself. I could go on forever but I’m going to finish with a couple of things first this my first year on Spotlight and I’m ready to make it bright, second I’m going to make every day this year with my team a terrific one, and last LETS GO BEAT EVERYBODY AND WIN A RING!!!

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Brendyn Waites