Exercising your brain and your muscles


Christian Martin-Porter, staff writer

Have you heard about Read and Ride?

This new program offered in the media center was funded by a Wayne Township grant and allows students to spend time during their day both bike riding and reading.

“It’s brand new this year,” media center specialist Shannon Rose said. “The Read and Ride program came to us thanks to the Wayne Township Education Foundation.:

Research shows that movement boosts our productivity and mood.”

— Shannon Rose

Rose said the motivation to get this program was easy.

“Research shows that movement boosts our productivity and mood,” she said. “Students and staff are invited to exercise both their bodies and brains while using these stationary bicycles.”

The bicycles are located in the media center and can be used by staff and students during the day.

“I hope that it will give our students and staff an opportunity to get some exercise and work out some need for movement during the school day,” Rose said.

Rose got the inspiration for this by doing some simple research.

“I had seen something similar when I was researching some library programs that other schools have offered,” Rose said. “It took some work to write the grant proposal, but their grant is pretty straightforward and streamlined, so it was not too difficult. And the hardest thing to do was writing the grant and now spreading the word.”

The bicycles are available whenever the media center is open and Rose encourages staff and students to come before school or after school to exercise their mind and body. The funding was made possible by the Wayne Township Education Foundation, an organization that supports education throughout Wayne Township.