Covid-19 — two years later


staff report

March 13, 2020 was a day most Americans will remember forever. That was the day students were told to stay home due to something called Coronavirus. Two years later the impact that virus — now known as Covid-19 — has had on life has been remarkable. We talked to many about the effects Covid-19 has had.

We asked students, staff and parents two questions:
What do you remember most about when Covid first hit the United States?

What are the biggest changes you have noticed in the two years since Covid hit?

Chelsea Hughes ~ Sophomore at Ben Davis
“What I remember the most is going on lockdown, and struggling to keep up with my work. I soon realized that it wasn’t horrible.I missed my friends and got used to being home all the time. Stores were whipped clean, toilet paper and lysol gone in a blink of an eye.”
“Looking back now I notice that we shouldn’t take little things for granted, seeing someone’s face can always be the last. Don’t laugh at what you can’t see, or even what you do see. In a blink of the eye you can miss something, even the smallest thing like someone’s smile or laugh.“

Dylan Smithes ~ Senior at Ben Davis
“When Covid first hit I mostly remember, it changed a lot of rules at school.”
“I noticed we got less paper assignments, and everything is really on computers .”

Dustin Schlicher ~ Sophomore at Greenwood
“The first thing i remember is going on lock down and being quarantined for the first time.”
“Then afterwards I noticed a lot of food/ cost of living products went up.”

Star Smith ~ Sophomore at Ben Davis
“I remember everyone went in panic, and the world tried to calm everyone down by saying it would be over soon, yet it’s still happening.”
“I actually noticed this change within myself, I lost motivation, I just felt so isolated & as if the world isn’t there & it’s just me.”

Aaenia Hibbler ~ Sophomore at Ben Davis
“I remember everything began to shut down, and the world just turned into this total catastrophe.”
“Changes I noticed is, some people are realizing that humans need humans because I noticed before Covid, everyone was forcing an antisocial act & being very beefy. Now after Covid, everyone is socializing, walking around with smiles on their faces. “

Nadia Velazquez ~ Sophomore at Ben Davis
“We couldn’t do anything and had to stay in our homes for a long period of time. It was also a crazy and stressful time for everybody because of the heavy restrictions on Covid-19.”

Liana Martinez~ Sophomore at Ben Davis
“A lot has changed over the past 2 years, from lost connections with people, stricter school codes, skyrocketing unemployment rates, mandatory mask mandate and so much more.”

Mark Kinley ~ Senior at Ben Davis
“Not being able to go outside or playing baseball for the school and having to binge watch TV shows.”

Grace Holler ~ Junior at Ben Davis
“I’ve noticed how much Covid has changed people. Everyone is more cautious when it comes to sharing drinks and students are struggling even more in school. Covid has affected the mental health of many as well. “

Joi Hubbard~Senior at Ben Davis
“Social media has changed a lot and I think everyone’s fashion sense has evolved.”

Lindsay Merrill ~ Junior at Ben Davis
“The working environments, there’s not enough people to work at all.”

Christopher Rivera ~ Junior at Ben Davis
“People were upset about masks and they were like being dramatic about a singular piece of fabric on their face.”

Alivia Brown ~ 2020 Ben Davis grad
“We put less emphasis on material things and valued life more.”

Elise Lucero ~ Teacher at Ben Davis
“When COVID first hit the US, many of us thought it was isolated to individuals that had recently traveled. But, when the first case in Hendricks county became known, everything shifted. Immediately, schools closed and I along with everyone else was confused and scared.”

“Much of the world found a functional way to shift to a virtual platform to do business. People stopped attending gatherings and are only recently joining in social activities again like celebrating holidays, going on vacation, and continuing to wear masks nevertheless. ”

Lydia Finchum ~ Teacher at Ben Davis
“One of the biggest changes that I have seen with students since covid in the last two years is that phones are much more prevalent in the classroom and that students are more reluctant to get off their phones and interact with other people around them.”

Jon Regashus ~ Teacher at Ben Davis
“I was watching basketball the night that Covid really started in the USA. I was watching an NBA game on ESPN, and they canceled the game about 10 minutes before it was supposed to start because Rudy Goebert from the Utah Jazz tested positive. Shortly after that all the college conference tournaments were canceled one at a time.”
“ The major change to me has been the masking protocols that everyone has dealt with for the last 2 years.”

David Proctor ~ Teacher at Ben Davis
“School shutdown with the fact that teachers thought that it was a permanent shutdown.”
“Fights about masks amongst students and classes became more quiet till this moment.”

Mrs Ford ~ Teacher at Ben Davis
“The fact that the school shut itself down indefinitely almost like going back to school wouldn’t become a thing anymore.”
“Notice in the fact that students desire paper copy assignments rather than online/digital work.”

Jonathon Hession ~ Teacher at Ben Davis 
“I remember feeling a lot of unknowns. Seemed like we started to live day-by-day because we were unsure what tomorrow would bring. The guidance at the time was to stay isolated. This made things like grocery store visits very odd and somewhat scary. We would meet with friends and family through virtual meetings, which was different and kind of fun at the time. When it first hit, I definitely did not think it would be affecting my life the way it is today.”

Monica Guerrero ~ Teacher at Ben Davis 
“I see changes in the students’ work habits and electronics use. Students can’t seem to detach from their cell phones even for a couple of minutes, even when I am speaking to them. They also are not used to putting in real effort. They search, copy and paste with ease. I am sure these are bad habits that will dissipate the longer we are in school in person. “

Kaylen Weiper ~Counselor at Ben Davis
“I remember a strong feeling of fear and uncertainty. We had no idea how bad things would get and what the ultimate fallout would be. I just remember telling myself that I had to take things day by day and had to try to find positivity during a time that felt so bleak. “
“I’ve noticed that we’ve lost some human connection. Covid has been so isolating in so many ways – a simple one being that we couldn’t see each other’s faces for two years. I think we have become comfortable with hiding behind our masks, hiding in our homes, and hiding behind a computer screen because that is what our new norm became. It makes you realize that we can’t take something as small as seeing someone smile for granted!”

Monica Guzman ~ Teacher at Ben Davis
“I think the way people interact with each other now. The social dynamic between people has changed drastically because of the effects of Covid.”

Karly Hiquet~ Teacher at Ben Davis
“What I remember most is just the feeling of uncertainty. We had no clue what was happening and we all genuinely believed this would be over quickly, and we were so wrong. I also remember just a feeling of camaraderie with other people because we all were in the same boat for a while, and it was nice to see everyone rally and try to protect themselves and others. I also had a lot of free time, so I remember taking up a lot of hobbies. “
“I think one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is the lack of socializing and that everyone is skeptical of everything. People don’t believe anything anymore and it seems like we have lost trust with one another. At the beginning it felt like we were in it together, but now it kind of feels like we are on our own. “

Danielle Ochoa ~ Parent/ Guardian of Wayne Township
“What I remember most about when Covid hit was how scary it was. The unknown was super scary. Also it was scary when it came to layoffs and food shortages. We have to provide for our family. “
“The biggest changes I see is from people in general. The lack of empathy has went away. I have never seen so much arrogance and self absorption to happen to our country and it’s sad. The unity is gone. It feels like masks has untied the unity in our country.”

Kelsey Hughes ~Parent/Guardian of Wayne Township
“When Covid first hit the US I remember the fear/panic the most, I was working at a gas station at the time and just had my first baby..I was,like most others and scared to even go out of the house..”
“The biggest change I see now since covid has hit is the change to everyday life itself, you still cannot go to places if you don’t have a mask on, you can’t go anywhere late at night now because everything is closed..even menus at restaurants have changed since covid..”

Devon Hughes ~ Parent/ Guardian of Wayne Township
“What I remember about Covid is all the ridiculous mandates that the government attempted to pass on to the American people. Things like being forced to wear masks when they have been proven to not be very effective against Covid. Other mandates like forcing people to get the Covid vaccine that also did not keep one from getting Covid, didn’t stop them from spreading Covid. Forcing people to do something “for the safety of others” is not right no matter how you look at it. “
“Changes I have noticed since Covid, you can tell who wants to work and you can tell who wants to receive handouts from the Government. Those that want to work have had to readjust their lives to find a different work and home life balance because most people are working remotely (from home) now. Some people find that to be a better option though than going to the office or place of business.”

Dana Buchanan ~ Parent/ Guardian at Lake Oconee Academy in Georgia
“The thing I remember the most about when covid hit with how gullible people were throw a little bit of fear at them and everybody shuts down”
“The biggest changes that I seen is how easily people are willing in order to give up their freedom and how hard it is in order to get it back”

Heather Brewer ~ Parent/ Guardian of Wayne Township
“What I remember most is how quickly everything shut down.”
“There are too many changes to even mention in a short article. The division in this country is astounding to me. The level of fear and propaganda seems to increase on an almost daily basis. The general population’s critical thinking skills have gone to the wayside.”