Things seen on social media that catches young teens eyes


Chelsea Hughes, staff writer

Social media is filled with a ton of interesting topics, videos, and all around things that can catch your attention. Teens tend to find things such as  celebrities, sports, video games, make-up, etc  as interesting topics or even just eye-catching topics. 

Some of the most popular apps globally are Tiktok(656 million), Instagram(545 million), Facebook(416 million), Snapchat(327 million), Zoom(300 million), Spotify(203 million).

People can get lost  within the world of social media. The things people find entertaining and or interesting can change their lives, such as if it’s make-up, it can change females to think ‘ I need to better the way I do make-up to help me feel prettier’ or ‘ oh she’s really pretty, if i do my make-up like her, maybe I can be pretty too’. No, I am NOT saying that’s the case for every young woman, it just all depends on how THEY take it.  On the other hand, let’s talk about celebrities…  

Celebrity drama  is ALWAYS posted on social media. For example; Britney Spears shared her beauty hack of how she looks younger. Along with the fact that Kanye West has an ALARMING obsession with Kim Kardashian, is highly concerning. 

Us teens are always feeding off of things like that.. We can be buried into technology all day just to find out the latest news. Looking things up is never hard, it’s all at our fingertips, we type it in google, and poof everything we love to read into is there, it’s magic, isn’t it? Having social media can feel like we have all this power, we can look into anything, some things we find out are pretty juicy, and can spread like wildfire without even trying.

Isn’t that crazy?! Just don’t let what you find on social media ruin your life, or self-esteem, just stick with the topics you know you can handle, or things you are into. It makes having socials a breeze.