Feeling harassed? There is plenty of help out there


Chelsea Hughes, staff writer

Harassment can be found in many different forms. To name a few — sexual, national origin (race, sex, religion), disability, or verbally.

Some examples of harassment are racial slurs, death threats, being grabbed at, or pulled to, insults. Those can all be signs of different kinds of harassment, which yes it can also interloop with bullying.  

Harassment is NOT a joking matter. It’s EXTREMELY serious.

You can try to stop the harassment by confronting your harasser, let them know what they are doing isn’t okay, and if you are asking them to stop, saying no, and trying to get away and they just keep pushing. Then at that point within this address it to someone, a trusted adult, or report it in general.

Statistics show that 736 millon ( 30% of women 15 and older) of women worldwide, have experienced some kind of  sexual or physical violence or harassment. Percentage rates keep on increasing every year. As of 1998 90% of women have been victims of rape, and 10% of males have been victims. 

Sexual harassment is also a main factor of suicide, which both are completely out of hand. Both can also mainly be found within high schoolers.

Statistics show that 14% of high school students consider suicide, and approximately 7% of them attempt suicide. Statistics also show that 22% of high school age students claim to having been harassed in school.

Harassment is NEVER something anyone should go through, but we live in such a sick world, where people are never paying attention to anything.  People also seem to have their nose stuck in their phones, not paying attention to what is going on around them. Nobody should ever be alone, through these kinds of times, it’s never okay.

 Everyone should have a safe haven to go to, whenever they feel down or even feel threatened. Personally, when I was having issues, I went to a teacher I could trust, and they pointed me in the right direction to get it completely handled.

Harassment, or bullying in general can damage a person’s self-esteem so much, and there are many different outcomes from the harassment. Loss of confidence is a huge one, self-rejection, and  isolation, but  remember there are still so many outcomes. Please do remember if you are ever going through something, just know you are never alone, you can find someone you trust to talk about anything.