Keep the Earth clean, Earth Day is right around the corner


Chelsea Hughes, staff writer

Earth Day’s 52nd birthday is right around the corner, April 22nd.

Keep the Earth nice and tidy. By doing your part, by recycling. Keep the amount of plastics you use down to a minimum, reuse what you can, please recycle your papers. We can’t stress enough on that.

Just think of a tip of the iceberg, and what we can see, imagine that as a pile of plastics, aluminum cans, papers, and just non-recyclable. You can never fully know how much is actually there.

That’s just one reason why it is highly important to recycle.  Recycling can save water, energy, lower pollution and greenhouse gasses. Sounds like a healthier alternative to me, right?

Things you can do on Earth Day to say happy birthday to Earth Day consist of turning off the lights, seeing some sunlight at home, planting some trees. It would be wonderful, and always remember you can recycle, reuse, and reduce.

Take a moment to think about your actions, and always remember to make that extra step to recycle. Keep the date April 22nd, in the back of your mind, it could always help you remember to do your part as well, to keep the United States beautiful.