Using poetry as therapy


Chelsea Hughes, staff writer

People can find therapy in many different ways such as; poetry,music, stories, artwork, imagery. Benefits of Poetry Therapy include; relieving of depressive symptoms, improving self-esteem, helps with self-understanding, helps someone express their emotions in a better and healthier way, better coping mechanism for traumatic events, better way to get through negative experiences. Poetry can help with childhood education. Poetry can help teach them rhythm and how to string words together and where they belong.

Eli Griefe is a poet and a pharmacist,and he started “ poem therapy” and is now known as a very powerful tool of therapy. Writing and reading poetry, can both engage our senses along with our emotions, making the art form experiential and highly effective.

Poetry can provide comfort and mood boosting during a period of stress, anxiety, trauma, and grief. Poetry does have a powerful combination of words and metaphors that help us express ourselves to the world and our place in it.

Poetry therapy and its importance is it can help the therapist help understand the different perspectives in people’s lives, and how they view the world. Poetry is highly important since it does help us understand and appreciate the world around us more than we already do, or try to do.

Poetry can be monderenized in forms of many different ways such as; showing the personal imagination of the poet, culture, emotions, and memorization within the poet. Poetry is known as a form of art because it has; voice within, can create an imagination, and rhythm. The power of poetry is that it can affect all generations.