Making Ben Davis home

Adjustments to Giant life will come naturally


Jennie Leeper, Co-editor-in-chief

As upperclassmen, we can all remember how nerve-wracking our first day of high school was. Entering Ben Davis as a sophomore can feel just as new and scary as the first day of freshman year. However, incoming sophomores have no reason to stress due to the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly faces we offer.

First of all, we all know you will be nervous and a little bit lost. A few helpful tips can relieve some of the major stressors we all remember from our immersion to Ben Davis, and ultimately help us get comfortable with our new routine.

The first thing that could be intimidating for underclassmen can be the hallways. During the first week or so, while learning and getting comfortable with your schedule, you will find that it feels impossible to get to certain classes on time. Although the commons will be more packed the first week or two of school than any other time of year, they will always remain crowded. Finding alternate routes to class to avoid the commons will help you learn the school quicker, and get you to class on time.

Lockers can also be an area of concern for those who haven’t really used theirs, or if theirs is out of their way to class– But this isn’t as big of a deal as you may be thinking. Taking advantage of your extra time in the morning can be beneficial for you, as you can have more time at your locker, gathering what you will need for the day. Many students don’t use their locker at all.

Another stressor incoming sophomores may be worried about is lunch. It may appear to be difficult to find friends to sit with at lunch, or to establish a place to sit– However, most lunches are in between a certain class period, making it easy to go to lunch with friends you sit within the class. As for the cafeteria routine, you will want to go with the flow the first day to understand the procedure, then it will probably become your favorite period of the day.

In addition, as the year progresses, many students begin eating their lunch in other approved areas, such as approving teachers’ classrooms. Due to this, the cafeteria will become less crowded further into the school year, and make the process less chaotic.

In addition to learning the school better and understanding how things are operated, participating in sports, going to sporting events and joining clubs are great ways of ‘putting yourself out there’ and introducing yourself to new friends and atmosphere. Trying new activities is great exposure to new kinds of people, developing school spirit and overall helps you become comfortable with the school. Making an effort to expose yourself to the different niches of high school also plays a major role in developing your personality and discovering yourself.

Teachers and returning students both expect new students to feel lost at first, however, sophomores and transfer students alike will be met with guidance. In such an encouraging and attentive atmosphere, many of the things you feel you may struggle with will be met with relief as early as the first day.

If you’re dealing with any major stressors throughout your school day, telling your teachers and peers about your struggles can often offer you viable solutions. One of the major benefits about being a Giant is that everyone wants to help– And with this guidance, it will quickly become home to you.

In such a large school, it is easy to feel very small. However, making friends and finding your personal ‘place’ will come much easier than you think. Throughout your first year of Ben Davis, you will quickly learn the ins and outs of daily campus life, and soon, your only fear will be leaving the school, so make the best out of the years you have here, and find ways to make them more enjoyable and interesting.