Like esports? This is your team

Like esports? This is your team

The Ben Davis esports team is looking for students who are eligible, committed, and able to participate in practices and matches every week.

The esports team currently participates in a league of high school esports teams all over Indiana called IHSEN.  Their website, has more information about them.  They also compete in various independent tournaments that pop up all the time.  Colleges are recruiting and offering scholarships as well.

The games we are competing in now through IHSEN include:

Super Smash bros. Ultimate

Rocket League


Forza Motorsport 7


The team is involved in many other titles as well. If interested in joining contact math teacher Trevor Smith at [email protected]

“Getting an esports team started here at BD has been a passion of mine for years and the more time that goes by the further we fall behind the schools around us who are already organized and competing together,” Smith said.