Summer is a time for workshops

Several students look to expand their education during break

Anaijah Dunn

Summer break is fast approaching. It is the time of year that we’ve all been working hard and waiting for.

It’s a fun time for several students and a time to accomplish whatever they desire. While for many it is filled with fun, for several others it is also a time devoted to trying to master a craft or prepare for their future.

We have several students that not only work hard towards their passions during the school days but continue this dedication into their summer breaks. They do things like work jobs, attend workshops and prepare for college in an attempt to get an early start.

This summer, Ben Davis senior Lucero Salinas is attending a college workshop at Notre Dame. It is intended to be an early college orientation style workshop. She will be able to meet people, make connections, tour the campus more into depth, and handle anything else that she wants to get a bit ahead on.

Salinas is very excited, as that it where she is going to be attending college in the fall. “ I can’t wait for a change and a new start at a college that I love, “ says Lucero.

Another student attending a summer workshop is Ben Davis junior D’aja Bailey. She will be traveling to France over the summer with the IU Honors Program in Foreign language. She is being given the opportunity to travel and live with a French family for seven weeks while also participating in language immersion classes.

Sophomore Nariyah Harris will be attending a week-long journalism seminar in Washington, D.C., where she will have the chance to meet U.S. Congressman Andre Carson as well as visits studios in CNN and Fox News.

Junior Anna Eggers has been accepted into a summer-long leadership conference and will spend seven weeks at Princeton University in New Jersey.

These are just a few of the many students who will use summer as a chance to further their education and expand on possible career paths.