March is a month to celebrate women


Vector feminist illustration. Girl power poster. International womens day.

Lexie Bordenkecher, staff writer

International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th 2022, honoring women all over the world. It recognizes issues that still exist in our world today like the pay gap, reproductive rights, and violence against women. 

The first version of this day was organized in New York City by the Socialist party in 1909. It was built upon in the coming years to promote women’s suffrage, something that wouldn’t be honored until the 1920s. Textile workers began protesting in 1917, going on strike.

For years, women were discriminated against and harassed in the work environment, and didn’t really have anywhere else to go. Most women did not go to college, and were not employed in their youth like men were. For these reasons, they had very few employable skills. In World War I, women began working while their husbands were away at war. They took over jobs that needed to be done, despite having little experience. They began to work as nurses for injured soldiers. After the war, many women kept their jobs. Many more began working in hospitals in various positions. The UN adopted IWD as a holiday in 1977, making it an official celebration. 

In 2022, we’re seeing more and more women in higher positions. The US has its first female Vice President ever, and only the second person of color to fill the spot of VP/President. There are also more women than ever in congress. This holiday helps to celebrate all the progress that has been made involving women. So on March 8th, think about your mothers, sisters, grandmothers, doctors, teacher, and all the other women in your life that have made a difference.