The top five things to look for in colleges


Anaiah Wright, staff report

With college applications and early decisions as our seniors’ top priorities currently, we should collectively have some idea how to determine which school to pick.

Some have identified their dream college at a young age, while others are still comparing/contrasting and figuring it out (which is completely okay. This is a huge decision. It could even be a permanent decision in some cases.) If you’re a stellar student and have already applied to several colleges, you probably have multiple options right now as far as college enrollment goes. So what to take into account when finally picking “the one.” 

Obviously, tuition costs are going to be a huge factor. Will some of the costs be covered by the school? Will all of the costs be covered by the school? Will FAFSA cover it? Are you a 21st-century scholar with reduced tuition costs? This answer varies per individual and for me personally, this is the greatest factor of all. Where will I get the best education for the least amount of money? 

This one may be super apparent, but you should always make sure the school you attend holds your intended major. DO. NOT. SETTLE. If you know what you want to study, then study it. It’s about what the college has to offer us, and not just what we have to offer the college. 

Sports and sports teams may be something to look at across the board if you’re an athlete who plans to play their respective sport in college. Think about what level you’d like to play at, and what teams seem right for you. Unless you are recruited, this sport may not be the only thing you think about, but definitely feel for athletics before enrolling. TIP: Reach out to sports coaches BEFORE enrolling, just to get your name out there in time to secure a spot on whichever team. 

Know before applying if you want to be an out-of-state or in-state student.  Consider that out-of-state costs tend to be more expensive than in-state. If you have the option, staying home can definitely save you some money, but if you want the on-campus experience, scholarships and grants will be your best friend. Try to apply to third-party scholarships, as well as academic or presidential scholarships that are specific to the college of your choice.

Do not take your capability for granted.

Applying for colleges is usually a stressor during senior year, but it doesn’t have to be! Make the choice that’s best for your current and future needs! Our BD college counselor, Y.A. Perez is a great resource for questions about scholarships and college admissions. He’s a great resource and will aid anyone who takes the time to reach out to him.