Plenty do in the fall in Indiana

Plenty do in the fall in Indiana

Briana Del Rio, staff writer

As fall is rolling around there are many activities to do and places to attend.

One place you must  visit for fall is Nashville,IN. The hour car ride gives you some great views especially in the fall.

When you’re in Nashville there are many shops to look at, one of my favorite shops to visit is the Fearrin’s Ice Cream & Yogurt Depot. They are a family owned business that offers a wide variety of homemade  ice cream flavors and treats.

Some treats are only available in the autumn season like chocolate malt, ice cream soda, or apple cider. My favorite ice cream flavor to get there is their famous pumpkin ice cream.

There are many other shops to visit like Bathology which sells homemade soaps and bathbombs and Mulberry Cottage which is a clothing store that also sells many different house decor and accessories. Nashville also has many different restaurants to dine in while visiting. 

If you would like to visit somewhere closer by then Beasley’s Orchard is the place for you. Beasley’s will be hosting their Fall festival from August 25th – October 31st! They will have a corn maze, hayrides, apple cannons, and the BarnYard Bonanza.

Another option is starting October 1st Watermans Farm located on Raymond St will be holding their annual pumpkin patch and many more activities. They have wagons that take you onto the field of pumpkins, hayrides, a petting zoo, different activities, food vendors and more.

If you’re not into being in big crowds there are many other options for you. You can take a hike at Eagle Creek Park, they have many different trails you can visit and many cool things to see and experience.

On one trail you walk past the bird sanctuary and you can see some cool birds that they have there. Another place to go is apple picking. Anderson orchard in Mooresville not only offers different apples to pick from but you can also pick your own Red raspberries, blue plums, pumpkins, and chestnuts.

So as the weather begins to head toward fall, be sure to take advantage and find something fun to do outdoors.