Mexicans celebrate their independence

Briana Del Rio, staff writer

September 16 is one of the most important days for Mexicans all over the United States and, of course, Mexico.

September 16,1810  is the day that Mexico finally was freed  from Spain and gained its independence. All around Mexico people celebrate it by having “celebraciones” in las plazas with music, parades and people dance Mexico’s traditional dance “Folklorico”.

In the United States many Mexicans celebrate “El grito” which is celebrated the night before and they drive around downtown waving Mexican flags. El grito is “The cries of pain” from the battle and is celebrated to honor the men who lost/risked their lives for Mexico.

Many Americans believe Cinco de Mayo is Mexican independence but in reality May 5th is “La batalla de Puebla” (the battle of Puebla).  Although Cinco de Mayo might seem like a big deal, it isn’t really celebrated in Mexico like the Americans make it out. Of course, the State of Puebla celebrates their positive outcome with the French army, but other states don’t make that day very important. 

Many families celebrate independence day differently. Sophmore Jonathon Mercado mentioned  “my family celebrates by getting together and we play loteria, dance and my grandma makes us traditional dishes.” 

My family celebrates by coming together and celebrating all the accomplishmennts our ancestors have made since Mexico’s independence. We also typically eat Pozole and or tamales and dance and just socialize.

Many families who migrated from Mexico still make this day very important to them.

“My family crossed over more than 30 years ago and they still celebrate the holiday with pride and joy,” said sophomore Destiny Del Rio.

Around Indianapolis there will be many celebrations, Like here on the westside on the 15th (El grito) there will be an event that will be held  at a restaurant called Super Tortas from 5 p.m. to midnight. It will have live music, different foods, a lowrider parade, a truck meet and many dance performances. Super Tortas is located at 2641 W. Michigan/