Covid can’t take down Giants


Brelyn Lock

Wrestling coach Jordan Knudsen addresses his team prior to a recent practice. The team starts the season Nov. 25 at the Edgewood Invitational.

Brentton Wharton, staff writer

It’s been a tricky year for all schools in regards to handling the seasons of all their athletics, and although we’ve seen the cancellation of many sports games and seasons, this winter the wrestling team will still pin their ears back and get after it out there on the mats.

Head coach Jordan Knudsen and the rest of his staff have worked together to put safety first as they prepare for the upcoming season. He explained that wrestling was already a sport that requires lots of safety precautions even in years past without the pandemic.

Dealing with an immense amount of close contact between athletes always required coaches to have a plan in place to avoid athletes contracting any skin diseases. This year with Covid, they have added to their safety measures by conducting regular screenings and temperature checks. Despite the sometimes tedious restrictions, Knudsens’ athletes have not checked out.

Standouts Seth Geiger and Alex Ramsey, amongst others, have continued to show up and show out, putting their extra foot forth in the offseason. Knudsen says that this year he wants to see the team take that next step as a whole, and really build upon their overall success.

Rather than just a few individuals get recognition, he wants to finally put together a team that is strong from top to bottom. There is reason to believe this will be a successful season for the wrestling team, and as they continue to work toward their opening matches more things will begin to look up for the team. Despite the cancellation of the team’s Purple & White scrimmage, it’s not hard to believe that coach Knudsen will have all of his wrestlers primed and ready for the first time they step on the mat. 

Every meet is a measuring stick for us. Every match is an opportunity to go out there and show everyone the work we have been putting in and where we can improve. I get amped for all the meets because we have an opportunity to see progress and that is exciting,” Knudsen says. 

It is clear that within the Giant’s camp, lies quite a bit of optimism for the upcoming season.

The Giants home opener takes place in the main gym on December 10 as they face off against MIC opponent North Central High School. The season begins the day before Thanksgiving (next Wednesday) at the Edgewood Invitational.