Can You Make it Out?

Indianapolis Escape rooms are a fair challenge

Alyssa Toner, Staff Writer

As time moves forward, we begin to create new ways to have fun with our friends and family. Be it Halloween or a club meeting, the new escape room fad has just begun. Escape rooms are usually $25 to $30 per person, with sessions lasting up to 60 minutes and as many as 10-12 people are allowed each session. There is almost always a theme with the room, depending on if there is a holiday or if you go just for fun. In order to make the experience more real, escape rooms often have some kind of theme and narrative.If you think about it like a book, the theme is like the setting, which places the story in a particular time and place. The narrative is like the plot, which directs the story itself: In this case, it explains why you’re solving all these puzzles. In an escape room, the theme is often evident by the way the room is decorated, while the narrative is related through a back-story, told to players when they first enter the room. While not all escape rooms have a theme or a narrative, these elements can really help make players feel immersed in the story. Many companies such as the creators of The Walking Dead, have made Escape rooms-Of Course with this kind of room, danger and thrill are a must. There are also themes that revolve around casino operations, hostages, kidnappings, museum heists, island escapes, zombies, burglaries, and extravagant mazes. There are escape rooms all over America, some just happen to be in Indiana. As one can imagine, Hollywood has the most expensive place, but that’s because it’s Hollywood and they have awesome escape rooms with live acting zombies and even an alien escape room. I recommend at least one experience before the next fad hits; like, remote controllable action robot fights or something, probably a cool comb that can make your hair stand up straight.