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Alyssa Toner, Writer and Graphic Designer

Hi. I would just like to start out saying, i love to draw. My favorite thing to do on in my free time is draw or watch things on youtube. My favorite movie is the live action Beauty and the Beast. My favorite shows include Rick and Morty, iZombie, and a large list of Anime. I enjoy reading yaoi manga very often. My favorite right now is called Killing Stalking. I support many communities including LGBTQ, humains society, and SaveTheEarth. Please forgive my awkward and shy reaction if you ever meet me in person. I'm not very social, as i am an introvert. Finally, for those who are curious.. I have 6 siblings-i being the second oldest- consisting of 3 sisters and 3 brothers. My zodiac sign is the Sagittarius and i am the year of the dragon.

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Can You Make it Out?

Alyssa Toner, Staff Writer
November 29, 2017
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Alyssa Toner