Upcoming horror movies

It is about that time, the weather is getting colder and scents and flavors are all turning into something pumpkin-related.

Fall has snuck up on us ladies and gentlemen. Next thing you know it will be everyone’s favorite holiday — Halloween. With the weather cooling down and the nights getting chillier, why not get into the mood and mindset of fall by heading to your nearest cinema with some friends and see a thriller on a cold fall evening?

For those of you who love gorey, graphic movies; See No Evil 2 is heading to theatres this October.

Did you love The Conjuring? Remember that creepy story of the doll at the begging? Annabelle, which hits theatres Oct. 3.  A spin off of the movie, The Conjuring, a possessed doll comes to life in Annabelle.

For those of you who are brave enough to go see the supernatural thriller, Quija, beware because it’s coming Oct. 24.

Looking for something different? An action thriller, Dracula Untold is in theatres Oct. 3. A spooky twist on an old tall tale.

Trailers of these movies can be seen at:

Quija trailer: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/ouija/trailer

Dracula Untold trailer: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/dracula-untold/trailer

Annabelle trailer: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/annabelle/trailer-2

See No Evil 2: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/see-no-evil-2-2014/trailer