Godzilla returns

New version of the monster classic kicks off busy summer movie schedule


Sixty years after his first introduction on the big screen and a decade after his last appearance, Godzilla is back and hungry for destruction.

The new film is bringing the vicious monster out of the Pacific Ocean from Japan and sending him straight to Hawaii, California and Las Vegas.  Something that many people are looking forward too are the two other mysterious monsters who will debut in the movie, which begins nationwide tomorrow. There is little detail to who these monsters are but Godzilla fans all over the world are even more excited.

The new movie integrates and honors the monster that was released 60 years ago into a brand new breathtaking beast. The director is able to blend the old with the new so perfectly that fans will not be disappointed.

The technology that we have today truly brings this monster to life and places him into our cities. Godzilla is known for being both a destroyer and a savior so hopefully we will be able to see him not only battle with us but with the mystery monsters as well.

Actor Bryan Cranston, who is well known for the hit Breaking Bad TV series, will be playing an American engineer stationed at a Japanese power plant. A sudden “earthquake” destroys the plant killing his wife, who is played by Juliette Binoche, in the process.

Years later, Cranston believes something else created those earthquakes and vows to find out what really happened. Together with his son, played by Aaron Taylor Johnson, they start to uncover the truth that there is a monster among us.

Godzilla is a great way to start off summer. It is sure to be an exciting movie with a lot of action. Fans are paying so much attention to every detail of the trailers or sneak peeks until it’s released. Godzilla will be out in movie theaters on Friday so be sure to go watch it.