This classic is timeless

This classic is timeless

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Let’s go back to the good ol’ classics, shall we? 

Peter Parker, a college student, photographer for the Daily Bugle, and a non-confrontational individual, is the main protagonist of the movie. Yes, Spiderman.

Peter tries his best to get the best pictures for Mr. Jameson, Peter’s boss. But no matter how much he tries to get consummate pictures, it really never satisfies the criteria for Mr. Jameson.

This isn’t the only conflict and or issue that Peter has to face on a daily basis. Peter struggles to pay rent due to the lack of income that he gets from his pizza job as a delivery boy. So he has to stay with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. He is always showing up late, and by rule, if the pizza is delivered late, the customer does not have to pay.

Peter gets pushed around a lot, and struggles to find the courage to tell his childhood best friend, Mary Jane, how he really feels about her romantically. 

One day, the university was taken on a field trip to a museum for different kinds of spiders and different creatures. Peter finds this opportunity to take good pictures for the school newspaper, but while he takes the picture, a bright blue, and red spider webs his way down onto his hand and bites him. 

Leaving Peter confused, he shakes it off and moves on with the day. Once Peter gets home, he does not feel right, wanting to crash onto his bed and sleep. Feeling so many kinds of emotions and unnatural tingles, Peter wakes up the next day to realize that his vision is now perfect, not having to wear his glasses anymore, he finds this to be strange. Peter later finds out that he has superhuman strength, a super-adhesive body, lightning speed reflexes, is extremely agile ,  and has the ability to shoot webs from his own hands.

Peter’s DNA was now altered, making him extremely strong.

He must keep his identity secret to the public. As he uses his powers for good to take out the violence in the city, Peter becomes a sensational trend and idol by the citizens of NYC. Peter continues to be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman and becomes more and more successful with his personal and exterior issues.

This is a timeless classic that is always worth two hours of your time.