A time to sing

Choir prepares for cabaret, competitions

Reeya Patel, Opinions Editor

Choir Cabaret: Friday, February 2  

Time: 7 p.m.  

Where: Auditorium

Ben Davis is known for everything from its various career opportunities to its exceptional performing arts department. Theatre, band, orchestra, publications, and radio are all significant parts that make BD whole.

The Choir Department, for example, is home to many of our students who enjoy singing, dancing and performing. Everyone has a choice to either audition for the Competitive Choirs (Purple Aries, Preview, Sounds, and Premiers) or automatically end up in a regular, but just as pleasant choir. The department holds numerous concerts with genres ranging from gospel or jazz to even pop or rock.

Each year, the Competition Choirs are showcased in their first public performance for their competition season in what the department calls Cabaret. These hard-working ladies and gentlemen finally debut their music for the season to their friends and family. Cabaret also features solo acts and artists who get selected to exhibit their talent between the choir performances,

This particular concert is extremely important to the students, as well as the instructors, to build confidence and spirit for their upcoming season.

Our students really feed off of the energy from the crowd. It’s a great opportunity to get reactions before their first competition performance. This experience helps our students feel more prepared for the season ahead,” choir teacher Jason David said.

It is also the first time to fit all the pieces of lights, cameras, costumes, band, etc together before the season kicks off.

Cabaret differs from all the other concerts for various reasons. It is the introduction for the entire competition season for the Competitive Choirs. People finally get to see what these amazing choirs are capable of accomplishing with their crisp dance moves and angelic voices. Young students with dreams of becoming singer and dancers can also break out of their shell and showcase their art. It gives them a chance to get a taste of what they might like to do in the future. Overall, there is just a certain finesse to Cabaret that the other performances don’t have. “There is a certain energy for Cabaret every year. The students get very excited and this is always one of our most electrifying performances,” David said.

This year’s Cabaret will follow the same format as previous years. The varsity concert choir Purple Aries will kick off the night, followed by JV show choir Preview, and the night closing with varsity show choirs Sounds and Premiers. Individual solo acts will be presented throughout. This particular team has been working for months, to give the audience the best performance they can possibly give.

“The solo and group acts have been practicing their performances since early last semester, so expect to see some incredible performances by those groups,” David said.