Miles away, but forever in my heart

Miles away, but forever in my heart

Chelsea Hughes, staff writer

A while back, about a month ago I found out about my dad, stepmom, and two younger siblings moving to Georgia.

Keep in mind I live with my mother. Well, my siblings are my whole world, they helped me out of a dark time. I never really see them much anymore, let me explain why. My mom and my stepmom never could get along, always fighting.

Only thing is they have two different parenting styles. My mom being who she is, and my stepmom being her I would hear  so much negativity about the other one, I never let it get to me… Well fast forward too well, this issue…. 

 Currently me and my mom aren’t on the  best agreement, I don’t want to see my siblings every weekend, as she would like me too. My reasoning with that is because, every time I leave them it breaks my heart to have to pull them off of me knowing that they will be gone soon. I love those kids more than anything, I know I don’t always show it, but that’s because I don’t want to hurt myself more once they are gone.

Separating myself now feels right. On Easter this year, it broke my heart to leave them, to see them wave goodbye, that tight hug they do. I’m going to miss those two little brats. It kills me day by day, hour by hour.

 I fight through, I keep my head up, I force a smile and laugh so people can’t see the pain through my eyes. 

I can’t stand the fact of them going miles away from me, and me and my mom with so little time and money to even travel to see them.. It all hurts. A broken heart, tear trails, all you can follow to be led to me. Standing face to face I can tell you I’m okay, with a break in my voice that you’ll hear. To know it’s all a lie.