Therapy is one way to cope with mental health


Mary Adams, managing editor

Many people struggle with their mental health. Many people who struggle with mental health need to find healthy coping mechanisms, and therapy is a way to find them. However, therapy is out of reach for most people. 

First of all, therapists are only open to taking so many patients. If the therapists that are close by don’t have room for new patients, then you’re out of luck. Therapists usually specify in a certain area, such as marriage, teens, family, or people in a certain situation. If no one near you is in the area you need them to be in, you have to travel even further for help.

Also, if you don’t have insurance, you could easily be paying $100 a session. If you go once a week, that’s about $400 a month you would have to pay, which many people cannot afford.

Even when you do have insurance, it’s usually only for a certain amount of sessions. There’s no saying that you will be completely better after those sessions, and then you’ll probably end up in the same situation mentioned earlier. Therapy does cost a lot of money, and many people don’t have that money lying around.  Most insurances cover five sessions for free, but if you go once a week that’s only a little over a month of therapy. Most people aren’t going to be ready to stop therapy after so few sessions. I would rather insurance pay for half the session instead of only getting a few covered. 

I have been able to find people within the school. Some of the adults here have helped me in ways I can’t even explain. However, they always remind me that they are not mental health professionals. I greatly value these adults and all that they have done for me, but it is true that they aren’t as trained to help with mental health as a professional therapist would be. Being able to access a professional would be beneficial, not only to me, but to several other people.