The iconic duo… separated? 


Mary Adams, managing editor

Senior year is a very stressful time for anyone. Something that has always helped me deal with stress is spending time with my cat, Simone. 

Now let me tell you a little about Simone. We got Simone my freshman year. She is also the prettiest girl. She is talkative, but only with me. Clingy that one is. She LOVES the kitchen. Especially when I’m making my lunch in the morning. Always in the way. Her most noticeable feature is her half mustache. 

Now. Simone and I are best friends. The past four years have been me and Simone against the world. I literally tell her everything. She’s there for all of my emotions, and I’m there for all of hers. We are both very anxious beings, and I always take care of her. When people come over, she always hides. When she hides, I go calm her down. 

Now, while I do love her, she is a tad bit too aware of what goes on in my life. One day, I was on a Google Meet with my admissions counselor at UIndy.

Do you want to know what Simone did? She is going to come into my room and interrupt my meeting. At first, she just sat on the floor and cried. Then she jumped onto my chair and made her presence known. Had to pop her little face in the meeting. Then she sat on the back of my chair and rubbed her face against mine. I think she is overly aware that I am about to move out for college. 

Now, realizing she knows I’m moving out made me realize that I’m going to have to go everyday without her. How do I deal with leaving her?