How to make the most of your fall break


Anaiah Wright, staff writer

With fall break approaching and everyone getting into the fall spirit, it’s becoming of question what we’ll all do without well deserved two weeks off of school. Initially, this was going to be specific to our class of 2022 seniors, but I’m all about inclusivity so this applies to anyone looking to take part in fall festivities this break! 

If you’re looking for some fun things to do at home you can…. 

  • For some alone time…Binge-watch Halloween movies with your fave fall snacks! Make sure you have cozy areas to do so, with your favorite blanket and maybe even your fav sense. (Disney Plus has a section full of episodes we enjoyed as younger children just for nostalgia.) 
  • For a day of crafts…..Paint or carve a pumpkin (This one speaks for itself! Grab a knife and get to cutting or pick up some paint (you can find inexpensive paint at drugs stores, dollar stores, grocery stores, etc.!
  • For inspiration….It’s never too late to practice and perfect that makeup look you’ve got waiting for October 31st…. 
  • For Pizza Night… PAPA MURPHY’S is selling $10 Jack-O-Lantern Pizzas. Visit your local store for a Pizza so good you’ll freak! (Not that Papa Murphys is TAKE AND BAKE, meaning you’ll have to bake the pizza at home for about 12 minutes. 

Wanna get out? 

  • Visit an Apple Orchard! (some local ones include Beasley’s Orchard & Adrian’s Orchard
  • Attend a Haunted House! (please advise, sometimes these can require adult escorts depending on the time you go) Some local ones Include Indiana Fear Farm, Hannah Haunted Acres, or just the one at the Indianapolis Children’s  Museum! Ticket Information on all official websites! 
  • If your family will allow you, suggest the Indianapolis Zoo Boo! Here you’ll view exclusive pets and have the opportunity to dress up as you walk around the zoo! It’s decorated for Halloween, and you can expect fall-tacular food and drinks!
  • As always, movie cinemas (Regal & AMC) will be playing some fall flicks. If you’re into the outdoor movie vibe, consider Tibbs Drive-In Theatre one night!

Oh, the things you can do with these two weeks off of school. Last year, we could’ve really used that extra week and this year we were granted our full break. No matter what you do, (travel, stay home, work, play your favorite sport), remember to be safe and come ready to learn on Monday, October 25th!