Saying so long to 2020


Dear 2020,

I started this relationship with bright eyes hoping that this would be a great year. Considering this was supposed to be my senior year I had high expectations.

You had other plans, and man were they going to ruin everything.

First, I got my driver’s license, I was so excited to be able to drive to school. The next day we go on lockdown, for the rest of the year. There goes that plan. Then when we do come back it’s not even fulltime.

I would’ve been grateful if you would’ve just left it at that. No, you wanted to be extra and take that away too. 

You truly were a toxic year. Every time that something was seeming to go right — you took it away.

Like my mental health, not that there was much to begin with but what little was left ,‘poof’.  Just like that.

I’ve been going out of my mind this entire year. I wish I could say I had some fond memories, but that sadly isn’t the case. You killed some of my favorite people and the trumpets (Trump supporters)  were getting out of hand.

I honestly can’t name all the things you have screwed up in 365 days.

You and the devil would make a perfect match, just making each other miserable. Like come on. 

You made a virus then when we get close to a vaccine you create a different strand. You’ve killed many people. I’m glad some people are finding something positive to take from this, but that isn’t me. I hope you crawl back into the deepest depths of where you came from and never show again or at least wait until I’m dead.

Sadly, I know you won’t be completely gone but that’s something I have to deal with. I’ve never wanted to be able to have a restraining order for a year. That is how awful you were. I hope you find someone who is as toxic as you, but that person won’t be me.

Please never contact me again,

Denise Gimlich