Anonymous social networks: good or bad?


In this digital age, cyberbullying is becoming more and more of a problem.

One common source of fuel for bullies is the privacy offered by anonymous social networks. is an app on which you can ask your friends questions and answer those that they have asked you. It has a public feature but is primarily anonymous.

The privacy has lead to anonymous hate and cyberbullying. But why would people download an app that provides such an easy way to bully? The concept of is a fun one, but the anonymity makes it almost daunting.

I have heard people describe their nervousness at receiving an Ask notification on more than one occasion. An app created for harmless fun has turned into something capable of making users nervous.

However, while anonymous hate prevails on, so does anonymous love. The privacy feature can, in fact, be used for good instead of evil.

The Whisper app allows its users to share secrets publicly or privately. The creators believe that the use of privacy on Whisper actually combats cyberbullying by creating a place for which people can release secrets without fear of consequence or embarrassment.

More social media apps have used anonymity in different ways, some hurtful and some harmless. Most are meant only for enjoyable socializing.

The anonymous hate is an unfortunate side-effect of otherwise wholesome apps. It is up to the user to decide whether or not the risk is worth it.