New addition to speech and debate

Giant speakers and team coaches prepare for upcoming season

The speech and debate teams have high aspirations to be a National Forensic League (NFL) and Indiana Forensics High School Association award-winning group.

That is exactly what the Ben Davis speech and debate teams have done through the years. But it is the influence of the teachers and sponsors who drive the students to do the best they can do.

This year there are two new coaches, debate teacher Gary Peters and speech teacher Benjamin Fraley.

“I did speech in high school. I wouldn’t be as involved as I am, if it wasn’t for speech,” Fraley said.

His own experience is what he would like to share for the speech team.

“I’ve been a speech and debate teacher for 20 years. I’ve taught theatre teachers and I love debating and winning those verbal battles,” Peters said.

Before now, he coached national winners in speech. Peters also coached four quarterfinalist and semifinalists in debate.

There are many goals this year for the speech and debate team. The aspirations for the teams continue to drive our team to get better.

“I want to see a lot of growth in the team of leadership and skill,” Fraley said.

The coaches this year would like to see an advance in commitment this year to help the team accomplish their goals. The Ben Davis debate team qualified for state two years ago. This year our Giant speakers hope to return back to the state competition.

The coaches want to encourage our speakers to enjoy this year as well as compete at a high level.

“I want students to have fun and do their best and having advantages of being here. The goal is for students to learn,” Peters said.

Many students are interested in becoming a Giant speaker. Those who are interested in being a Giant speaker should see Fraley or Peters in their S hall rooms. Both of them look for students who express interest in global issues.

If you are of the type of student drawn to debating about current events and being involved and taking the different sides join the debate team. The coaches will be welcome for anyone to join the team.

“It is a social group where they get to discover and play with emotions.” Fraley said. “In touch with being a part of a team, every part counts and you have to pull your weight.”

With all of the different types of goals the speech and debate team have, the team definitely will represent our Giants well this season. With the different types of students and ideas they will all come together and form as a team this season with their talents.