New purple rain leader

Boswell leads on the field and on the stands


Purple Rain leader Sean Boswell poses.

What does it mean to be a leader?

Most would imagine someone who is responsible, respectful, and proud to conduct his followers.

What does it mean to be the leader of purple rain?

Now we imagine someone who has all those same qualities but is also energetic, outgoing, and, most importantly, has school spirit. Senior Sean Boswell, who is one of our best football players, is someone we can now call our purple rain leader.

Boswell understands his duties as leader and plans to take everyone in consideration.

“I know that I will have to organize the group and make sure the environment is accepting to all students,” Boswell said.

Since Boswell will be playing on the field and he won’t be able to be in the stands he needed a couple good candidates for a replacement. Seniors Tommy Lowery and Brandon Knop will be Boswell’s guys to help get the crowd going. Boswell chose these two because they have a promising past.

“I chose Tommy and Brandon because they were very involved in purple rain last year, so I figured they knew what to do,” Boswell said.

Boswell is well-known around school for his outgoing personality, academic success, and most importantly his athletic abilities, so Boswell easily qualifies as purple rain leader.

Head football coach Mike Kirschner agrees.

“Sean is a leader and returning starter. He leads by example through his attendance and work ethic. He exemplifies the term “team player”. I wish I had a roster full of players with his attitude,” Kirschner said.

Why is important for our school to have a group like purple rain? Kirschner easily explains why.

“It builds school pride and spirit. Students get to interact at a time and place that otherwise might not happen. Students get to build new and lasting friendships. The football team feels their presence and wants to play hard for them,” Kirschner said.

Being purple rain leader is a big responsibility and it means so much to the football players to feel their presence, it is expected of Boswell to do his best.

“Sean is outgoing and not afraid to be out in front of a crowd, so I expect him to organize, promote and lead as many students as possible to become a member,” Kirschner said.