Dead by Daylight is horrific fun

Dead by Daylight is horrific fun

Arianah Bacon

This is my second favorite horror game, it’s kind of similar to Friday the 13th because you have different killers to choose from but the gameplay is way different.

Dead by Daylight was created in 2016 by a studio in Canada, and it was published by a company called Behavior Interactive. This is the type of game where you can cross-play with your friends who have other platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game. Your objective is to power up generators in order to open up the electric gates and escape. The game will start with three other survivors spread out on the map, you have to sneak around to avoid messing up many of the seven generators. If you get caught doing so, the killer will be alerted to your location and will hunt you down.


If he does catch you, you will have a chance to run. Well until he swings his weapon and injures you, once your health is low and he gets the chance to grab you he will hang you on a hook. 


Remember when I said it’s like Friday the 13th? Just like Friday, the killers have weaknesses and strengths. It’s one called the nurse, she can teleport very far and she can predict the survivors’ path easier; although her speed is very slow she’s honestly good. Her backstory is about her being a nurse at a mental asylum for 20 years and she ended up going crazy.


This is a good game to play with family, I don’t recommend it to kids under 8. This game is very graphic. It is also a pricey game, but overall it’s a fun game.