The Evil Within is near perfect


Melody Dryer, staff writer

This is the perfect story mode horror game. 


The Evil Within is an apocalyptic horror game with creatures similar to zombies. The task in the game is to survive all the mutated people and the giant, gargling bosses.


 The game starts off with a group of officers going to a crime scene and then arriving to see a hospital filled with bodies. You blackout and wake up hanging upside down, you are about to be butchered by a giant pigman.


The graphics are amazing, you exit the hospital and buildings are just crashing and pieces of the earth are just sinking in, tectonic plates sliding. Playing this game really keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s filled with battles, gore, tense moments, and jumpscares.


If you are ready for Halloween and are trying to find a good horror experience I highly recommend this game.