Like sci-fi games? This one is for you


Arianah Bacon, staff writer

Detroit Become Human, is an amazing creation created by David Cage and a video game company called Quantic Dream on May 25th 2018. It’s a single player game so you can’t play it with your friends which probably sucks but overall it’s a good game. It is a game based on the future which is funny if you imagine the world with robots working as humans.

Detroit Become Human is the type of game you play if you love sci-fi type games like me. In the game they are human made robots called androids made for the lazy humans in the state.  Some humans overly abuse them because they are jealous that they were taking over almost all the jobs. Which leads to some of the androids  breaking out of their programming and freeing themselves. Once they break free from their owners they begin to be wanted by the police and are called ‘Deviants’.

In the game, you have a lot of different POVs the game provides you with. One of the POV’s the game is focused on is Kara, she was a android housekeeper but  she eventually turns into a mother figure for another android dring the time. She works for a man named Todd who was once married, but his wife left with their child because of his abusive behavior.  He later gets an android to replace his daughter and names her Alice. After a while his behavior stayed the same as he became very verbal,and physically abusive to her.

 Later on in the game it’s a fight that breaks out which either leads to them running away from Todd and never returning or both of them ending up dead. Everything you do leads to an ending, The ending can be horrible,sad,reasonable, or even perfect.  

Another POV is Markus, who Jesse Williams voices over. He was also an android who was a caregiver to a handicapped famous painter(Carl). He was basically motivating Markus to think on his own and not what he was programmed to think.  

They develop a father and son bond which makes Carl’s biological son, Leo feel extremely jealous so he picks fights with Markus every chance he gets but he always fails at the end. Well until Leo gets caught snooping around Carl’s garage and attacks Markus, you would have to choose to fight back and have Carl die from a heart attack or push Leo which leads to him dying.

The rest of his storyline is based on Carl’s advice, him wanting to free other androids from being “slaves”. He wanted the world to treat them the same as if they were human. You would have to play the game to really get into the rest of the gameplay, it’s really good!

Detroit Become Human in my opinion is worth every minute of your time, it has so many different endings. Personally, I would rate this game a 1000/10.