Theatre finally gets its long-awaited return


Covid-19 and then school renovations have basically put a hlt to theatrical productions the past two school years.

That ends this weekend when theatre director Kristopher Owens and his students perform Murder! Mystery! Mayhem! Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.

Senior Nicholas King can’t wait to finally have a chance to perform on stage before he graduates. He talsk about hsi experience in theatre.

In depth could you explain what the play is about?

“The title sums it up pretty much, Murder Mystery Mayham Musical although its not a musical.

“Characters will break out into song an it gets shut down immediately because it’s not a musical. But it’s about a rich man who gets murdered at the beginning of the play, 2 detectives Jenkins are trying to solve the murder.”

Since this is the first play that the theater department has put on in two years are there any nerves going into the play?

“I’m not nervous. We’ve been preparing for the play since September however we haven’t had many dress fittings due to not being able to use the theater.”

What inspired you to join theater/do this play?

“I just love talking in front of people. My dream job is a stand up comic.”

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining theater?

“Just to be confident there’s no reason to be nervous.”

Do you plan on continuing your involvement in theater after high school? 

“Yes. I plan on majoring in theatre arts in college at whichever school I choose to go to as I’m undecided at the moment.”