Legend features legendary performance by Hardy

Legend features legendary performance by Hardy

Drake Johnson, staff writer

Legend is a movie featuring actors Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Paul Anderson, and more. In short, Legend is based on a true story about the Krays.

The Krays were twin gangsters known for running everything in London. Reggie Kray, played by Tom Hardy, is a bare-knuckle bruiser keen on turning all of the money they had made into a legitimate business. Ronnie Kray, also played by Tom Hardy, is a gay sociopathic paranoid schizophrenic wanting to go back to the rough and tough gang activities the brothers had strayed away from.

When looking at the history a lot of the movie is factual, even small details such as Reggie offering people a cigarette before punching them to catch them off guard and to instill fear into them. The movie doesn’t go as far to glamorize the illegal activities they participate in. If anything the movie is a comedy, making fun of the characters’ outward personalities and the cliche of London life in the 1960s.

The movie’s turning point and seriousness comes during the downfall of the Krays. With the comedy definitely dying down and focusing on the psyche of the characters such as the selfishness of Ronnie and the desperation of Reggie.

With the whole first part leading up to the fall of the Krays being one big climax and feeling like there is a chaotic mix of love, anger, and excitement when you get to the fall it feels a lot more vivid, and with the change of tone comes a change in color too with a lot more cold colors being used in place of the warm vintage color palette used.

The camera work is also great with the shots feeling like following more than watching creating the feeling of being in one’s shadow instead of spectating somethin. This movie is an amazing combination of history, comedy, and emotion and will stay in my opinion as one of the greatest Tom Hardy movies yet.