The most anticipated title of 2021

The most anticipated title of 2021

Lee Christopher, staff writer

I sat in my room all weekend and played through Resident Evil Village. And It was very worth it. Every twist, every turn, every blood-curdling scream of terror as a tall, beautiful vampire chased me. I can proudly say that Resident Evil Village is my all-time favorite Resident Evil, beating my love for Resident Evil 2 by a long shot. Sorry Claire and Leon, but Ethan’s taking the cake now.

How do I begin coverage of the best horror game I’ve personally ever played?

First off, graphically speaking, this is one of the best-looking games in the franchise, if not the best. The RE Engine has been in use since Resident Evil: Biohazard and has been used in various Capcom titles since; Each use making better and better use of this amazing engine.

The story picks up three years after the events in the previous title, Resident Evil: Biohazard. You once again play as Ethan Winters while he searches for his lost daughter in the world’s most uncomfortable and not-so-cozy village since Resident Evil 4. Not unless you count getting his fingers gnawed on by Lycan’s a warm cozy welcome.

Maybe Miranda just has weird ways of welcoming people. Anyways, the story has you finding the four lords of the village and killing them to retrieve four parts. Parts of what? Well, parts of- I’m not gonna tell you, play the game, trust me, it’s worth it.

Anyways, you face off against the four lords of the village. Alcina Dimitrescu, a tall, beautiful vampire queen who chases you around her castle as you slowly kill her daughters and then her in what might be one of the Coolest Resident Evil bosses ever. Karl Heisenberg, a genius engineer skilled in making Bioweapons. Salvatore Moreau, a fish creature, and that’s about it. And last but not least,  Donna Beneviento. A haunted doll. Forget vampires, Lycans, and zombies; that part might just be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever dealt with in a Resident Evil title. Oh, and Chris Redfield, the hero from Resident Evil 1, is back, but I don’t think I can really talk about why he’s here without spoiling a lot of the story. 

The gameplay is very similar to the last title; First-person shooting, mixed with classic survival horror tropes like sneaking around, finding and combining ingredients for things like first aid meds and bullets. And just generally trying not to die. That last one is a big one, considering everything and their grandmothers are trying to kill you! So protip here. If you can use your knife, do it because the only time the game will give you free ammo will be whenever you’re about to empty it into a boss. 

And speaking of bosses, Resident Evil Village has quite a few exciting bosses. My personal favorite boss is Heisenberg, considering you get to fight him in a literal tank, which may sound ridiculous because it was ridiculous. Ridiculously fun!

Okay, so here are a few tips and tricks for those who don’t wanna die immediately. 

  • Never save over a file. Always create a new file, just in case you need to go back to an old save for collectibles or supplies.
  • Don’t waste your ammo. Use your knife to break boxes, vases, and other general breakables. 
  • When you come close to something that may have an item in it, a little button prompt shows up, which will break the box for you. 
  • Use the big guns on the hard things, common sense. Your little handgun won’t do as much damage as the shotgun you just picked up ten minutes ago!
  • Save your magnum for the final fight against Mother Miranda; trust me, you’ll need it. 

So Resident Evil as a series has known its way through highs and lows, and this title is a high point for the series. With beautiful graphics, a deep and complex story, and fun and yet terrifying gameplay, it’s no surprise that I adore this title. And anyone with a love for Resident Evil will quickly find that adoration return to them after completing this one. Especially if you loved Resident Evil 4.