Heartless is a fantasy with a twist


Allison Flores, staff writer

Heartless is a book about how the queen of hearts came to be.

The book is a fun, whimsical fantasy story that takes a leaping turn. Unlike Marissa Meyer’s series The Lunar Chronicles, Heartless is a stand alone.

Marissa Meyer’s theme for this book was about love, loss, and destiny.

Catherine wants to be the one who makes her future and her decisions. She doesn’t want to have the future her mother dreams for her daughter to have, she doesn’t want to marry the king. Catherine wants to spend her days baking with her best friend by her side and flour on her face instead and for good reason. She and everyone else under the rule of the king think that he’s cowardly and not fit to rule anything.

All the king thinks about is Catherine and food. The only thing he’s capable of is throwing decent parties.

Catherine doesn’t see herself being his queen or even being queen at all. She was only allowed to continue baking by her mother because the king enjoyed what she would make. She already had her hands full with problems when a man named Jester came into the story.

While at one of the king’s parties, another failed attempt to win Catherine over, Catherine fatefully meets the Jester and she couldn’t help but be drawn to him and his mysteries’ presence. The way his eyes looked was constantly in her mind as if she was put in a spell to only think of him. Jester appeared in her life with a mission which is unavoidable for both of them no matter how much they try to go against it.

Catherines future is already set for her and she’ll do anything she can to go against it.

Heartless is worth the time.