Deeds is typical Sandler fun

Deeds is typical Sandler fun

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Mr. Deeds is a romantic comedy with famous Hollywood actor Adam Sandler, a lovable, wholesome and a caring guy, also a small town guy who does things that he finds to be right.

Working as a delivery boy, Deeds has a passion for making greeting cards and in hopes of making his greeting cards will get famous. Deeds was living a normal middle class life until two execs delivered some astonishing news to him.

Deeds´s uncle, Preston Blake, froze to death reaching the top of Mt. Everest. Preston was an owner of a multi billion dollar company and was filthy rich and decided to pass on his fortune onto Deed´s, also leaving him to be the next owner of the company. Deed´s life changes but not that much. Still being a humble, generous and wealthy person full of hospitality, Deeds offers his money to random strangers and still lives his normal lifestyle along with some perks of the recently inherited fortune. 

Some previous employees of Preston´s company are plotting to get Deed´s out of the fortune, because technically he hasn’t signed the official contract yet to be considered the owner of the company.

They feel like Deeds is not capable of handling the responsibilities that come from owning the business so they are trying to con him out of it. Another antagonist is a news reporter group that is hooked on the big news about Deeds’s current fortune.

Mac McGrath, one of the reporters, tries his absolute best to make Deeds look like an irresponsible, idiotic disgrace. While Babe, another reporter, isn’t on the same page as Mac, she wants the big news on the front page while getting credit for shooting the shots she needs in order to not get fired.

Babe’s partner, Marty, helps her look like a stranger in front of Deeds in order to gain more information on his life. Making it seem like Babe is being mugged in front of Deeds, Deeds beats him up and comforts Babe.

Even though Babe all really wants are the shots she needs, Deeds takes her out on dates and shows her a good time but babe is starting to develop feelings for Deeds, making her feel guilty. While McGrath makes Deeds look like a fool on the news, she is not on McGrath’s side anymore. And what once was a spark of love that lit like a large bonfire, has faded and became less bold and turned into nothing but a cold ember.