Warzone is challenging but fun

Warzone is challenging but fun

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Warzone is a game created by Infinity Ward, a game company that is more based on Modern Warfare and Call of Duty.

Warzone’s initial release was March 1oth, 2020, around when Covid started. I guess in a way they were trying to provide us with some free entertainment to distract us from the current struggle. I am really glad they created this game and I hope it stays around for a long time.

I actually play this game myself, it’s really tough to play because you start out with a default weapon that doesn’t have immediate customization. You have to earn the attachments by achieving a certain amount of tasks. I am level 65 almost level 66 and a Master Chief Commander.

Warzone is a multiplayer, team deathmatch battle royale that was recently released this year and approximately 93% of people like it. It is guaranteed a good time once you upgrade your weapons enough to par with other players.

While playing battle royale, when you die, you are sent to a location called the Gulag. A Gulag is also known as a confinement or a prison of some sort, you are forced to kill the opponent to earn your freedom to deploy back onto the battlefield. If you die you are forced to return to the main menu for another queue. There is another mode called Warzone Rumble, a large-scale team deathmatch that allows you to battle with your custom loadout that you previously equipped before the game.

Warzone is really fun and has a 3.6 ratings review, but mostly has positive ratings and to let you know that this game is rated M for Mature.