Is Joker really worth the hype?

Despite record numbers, new movie is not all that


Briana Del Rio, staff writer

Before fall break, the hit movie Joker came out.

In just three days of it being out, it made more than $234 million. There were many mixed emotions about the movie.

The movie has gotten 69% rotten tomatoes and an 8.8/10 or movie review sites.

One online review included “I loved the movie although some scenes were a little too intense.”

Another stated  “The movie was honestly great, it takes you through the dark twisted life of Arthur Fleck in the journey he goes through from being a clown to becoming a comedian.”

If you have little kids wanting to watch it, I would not recommended it because of some violent scenes. If you were wondering who is beneath the face of the joker in this years movie it is, the Grammy Award winning actor Joaquin Phoenix.

The film budget was $55 million dollars and it has made more than three times that amount in the first weekend alone. As of October 29, the movie grossed more than $856 million.

Overall, the Joker was a financial success but the movie has not received great reviews. The United States military advice for some soldiers who have PTSD is to be cautious while watching the movie.

On August 31 the Joker premiered at  the 76th Venice International Film Festival, where it won the Golden Lion award. Not only did it win the award but it also received an eight-minute standing ovation.

The Joker passed the Venom movie with how much it made on the opening weekend. And despite all the money the movie it taking in, it is not for everyone. I caution that the violence is graphic and young children should not attend.

During the opening weekend police in New York and Los Angeles upped police presence around movie theaters who were premiering the movie because of the 2012 mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises.