Get your thrift on

Friday is the day to visit local Goodwills

Get your thrift on

Today might be a good time to make a visit to your nearby Goodwill Store or Salvation Army outlet. Why? It is National Thrift Shop Day.

National Thrift Shop day is a day of using secondhand articles of clothing instead of buying new clothes. The idea of thrift shopping helps local economies. Even if you aren’t fond about thrift shopping, there’s many things that can make it so much more interesting.

“There’s even a Facebook marketplace where you could scroll through houses, to half used lotion bottles.”It’s amazing what you could find and buy,” English teacher Joe Tatum said.

You could find all sorts of things while thrift shopping. Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army Family Store and even the Facebook marketplace could work for your thrift shopping needs.

You could even find older articles of clothing then change it up to make it look more modern or more of your style. It can be a lot of fun especially with friends and family. It’s also a great way to save money and find new things you’ve never seen before that could be to your liking.

“It’s amazing what you could find and buy,” ”

— English teacher Joe Tatum

This day could even have you try something new, you could like the idea and want to do it more.

Goodwill does celebrate National Thrift Shop day. Jim Gibbons, CEO of Goodwill states, “During National Thrift Shop Day, thrifters not only celebrate the values of up-cycling, re-using, smart shopping and thrifty fashion, but by shopping at Goodwill, they can have an even greater impact by helping put unemployed or underemployed back to work.

“Some Goodwill stores do offer discounts and some, may even offer gift cards to celebrate this day.” Gibbons says.

You could even get discounts and even gift cards when you thrift on this day. ”Goodwill also offers a 15 percent discount on all donated merchandise on this day,” Gibbons said.

Shopping here can also contribute to the mission of theirs, of providing important social services for people who are struggling to find employment. Goodwill, or thrifting in general, can help in so many different ways.

Thrifting on this national day can help others, help the environment by recycling/upcycling and even give you a fun and enjoyable time with friends, family, etc. It’s definitely a fun hobby to do, and is highly recommended.