Steven Universe is a show you need to see

Finally, a show with positive role models

Cartoon Network has featured many good shows, like Samurai Jack and Adventure Time, but never has there been a show quite like Steven Universe. Steven Universe is a cute animated show about a boy named Steven who lives with an alien species of butt-kicking ladies called the Gems. The use the gemstones embedded in their bodies to conjure magical powers to defeat evil.


This beautifully animated show is amazing in more ways than one and brings tons of representation and good role-models to the youth of today. It features several people of color and a lot of “thick” characters. One of the characters exhibits symptoms of OCD and anxiety, which is a illness that is severely unrepresented, especially realistically. The Gems, who go by female pronouns (she, her), are actually non-binary according to the creators of the show. Non-binary simply means that they do not conform to either of the two basic genders, male and female. They simply have what humans see as female characteristics. With this is mind, all the women in this show are beautifully written and are not included just to be eye candy.


The main character, Steven, is a young boy who’s mother was a Jem who gave her life for Steven to be born. In this process, he inherited the rose quartz gem from her and gained her powers. The show revolves around Steven finding his place in the world and discovering the power in his gem. His special power focuses on protection, not fighting, which is his most prominent trait. When the others see battle and violence as the only option, Steven finds a more peaceful solution. He hasn’t quite learned how to control his power, but it usually reacts to when someone is in danger and he wants to protect them.


Steven’s way of never seeing violence as an option is what makes him such and admirable role-model for kids, teaching them that fighting is not the answer to anything. Kids these days are subjected to so much cruelty and bloodshed that they need someone to show them that the peaceful solution is always the best and that being compassionate is not being weak. One many occasions, Steven shows us just how brave you have to be to defend the things you love.


With so many characters and personalities, its easy for kids to find someone they relate to. Pearl is a refined, well-balanced person that seeks perfection in all that she does, while Amethyst is lazy and only want to have fun. The leader of the group, Garnet, has trouble with anger issues and has the responsibility of caring for all three of the other Gems. Connie, Steven’s friend, is shy and has a hard time making friends, which is something that almost every person has gone through at least once in their life. Each character experiences their own setbacks and dilemmas that coincide with their personalities.


This is vital in a child or teenager’s life because they need someone they can relate to, someone who knows what it’s like to show them that they are not alone. For example, Steven’s mother was one of the most powerful Gems alive and had such a legacy that Steven constantly feels inadequate and struggles to live up to everyone’s expectations of him. What usually gets him into trouble is his constant need to prove himself to the team, which usually ends badly for him.


People of all ages are faced with this every day and to see someone deal with it in a healthy manner paves the way for improvement. When Steven is told that he doesn’t need to prove himself, the viewers are being told that they don’t need to prove themselves. When Steven is told that he matters, the viewers are told that they matter. In most of the episodes, Steven being himself is what saves the day and kids everywhere need to know that by just being themselves, they can do amazing things.


Aside from the psychology and diversity of the show, Steven Universe is also composed of funny moments and beautiful art. The animation is lovely and smooth and your eyes are constantly treated with a wondrous visual display and color palette. The voice acting is spot on while the story is compelling. I could not think of a single bad thing about this show except there aren’t enough episodes yet. I encourage everyone to check out this show immediately. Your eyes and your heart will thank you.